Don Melchor

Concha y Toro

Don Melchor represents Chile’s first ever “Icon” red wine. This signature Cabernet Sauvignon from the Puente Alto vineyard in Chile’s Maipo Valley enjoys unparalleled record for demonstrating Chile’s ability to create an exquisite world-class wine.

Don Melchor’s origins date back to 1986, when Eduardo Guilisasti Tagle, president of Concha y Toro at the time, had a flash of inspiration that would set new precedents and forever raise the bar for Chilean winemaking. The Concha y Toro winemaking team travel to Bordeaux, France to visit the father of modern winemaking, Professor Emile Peynaud and present to him samples of Cabernet Sauvignon from the then little-known Puente Alto vineyard. Peynaud was impressed and considered the samples to demonstrate extraordinary potential, exhibiting distinct characteristics of a unique terroir.

Rafael Guilisasti’s 1986 pilgrimage to Bordeaux mirrored an earlier voyage to France, made a century earlier by Concha y Toro founder, Don Melchor. An eminent Chilean statesman, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro was convinced that Chile’s winemaking potential could provide his nation with a vital platform from which to compete in the international marketplace. Don Melchor returned home with the first samples of French rootstock brought from Bordeaux. Don Melchor’s visit thus simultaneously brought about the birth to the modern Chilean wine industry and Concha y Toro, which remains to this day Chile’s lading wine producer and the county’s foremost name in world-class wines.